歌手: 林一峰 Chet
作曲: 林一峰,The Pancakes,Ketchup
作詞: 林一峰,The Pancakes,Ketchup

*Life is like a buffet
 There’s too much to taste
 We gotta decide what to take and
 What to throw away

 Life is like a library
 So many books to read
 We are small in this society
 But big in our world of discovery

 若你揀 A 餐得到 餐肉米粉
 B 餐豬扒 巧遇意粉
 C 餐炒公仔麵 也吸引

 但每天 ABC 餐 選擇太少
 餐牌都想 等待有心人 *

You are the one

Repeat *

Like a river flowing into the sea
The water evaporating into the wind
No one can take my sun away
You’ll never take my sun away

若你揀餐湯必須 捨掉凍飲
西多煎蛋 不盡稱心

尚有些鴛鴦谷古 伊麵腩粗
多一點的選擇 有可能
You are the one

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