Do You Know

歌手: 鄧紫棋 G.E.M.

I know you are loving me wholeheartedly
I know I am always your one and only
Time proves the love of you and me
Undoubtedly, you’ll stay with me eternally

Do you know, no one can ever make me crazy
But do you know, I’ve been frenzy already
I pray for love of you and me
Undoubtedly, I’ll stay by thee eternally

*Here you are, it’s whole of my heart
 I gave you from the start
 To shine you in the dark
 Never too far, I’m living in your heart
 We are meant to be together forever
 There is nothing could separate us *

I know you will cherish me earnestly
I know I’ll be always your one and only
I don’t need to be a Sleeping Beauty
Undoubtedly, there’s no any broken fantasy

Do you know, I’m adoring you affectionately
And do you know, I take this fancy sincerely
Without you I’ll be drowsy
Undoubtedly, you’re the only perfect one for me

Repeat **

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