歌手: 孫燕姿 Stefanie
作曲: 孫燕姿
作詞: 孫燕姿
編曲: Kenn C

My hair was long & shining
You said you can’t believe
How could I walk out that door
Or walk along the streets
You told me I should you know
Do some bing bang curly wurly afro thing
I took your word and did
Looked in my mirror Who’s that freak

*Why does the world deceive
 Why do I make believe
 Took my heel & made
 Achilles out of me
 Still I would wanna be
 Someone who’d answer to me
 Someone who *

#see like a child
 Give like a saint Feel like an angel
 Never mind the broken wings and
 Speak like a picture
 Cry like the rain
 Shine like the star
 As long as the fire remains #

The vase beside my bed
It’s empty almost dead
It’s for all the flowers
I’m gonna give you he said
And now it’s collecting dust instead

Repeat *##

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10 years 3 months ago


10 years 3 months ago