My Story, Your Song

歌手: 孫燕姿 Stefanie
作曲: 李偉菘
作詞: 孫燕姿
編曲: 黃中岳

*Is your smile genuine
 Are you that really kind
 Do you like money and what it can bring

 Where would you wanna hide
 What would you seek
 Would you want what you thought
 What you want if no one can see *

#See the pretty lights pretty smiles
 A long way from home
 See the wretched stars burnt-out sun
 Out on your own
 See our story come sing along
 What would you know
 This is your song #

Repeat **#

Oh I know where I’d rather be
So I’m holding on and going strong
Join the race I’ll be first place
Give me glue we’ll be good as new

Repeat #

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