Can’t Help Falling in Love


歌手: F4
作曲: L.Creator,H.Peretti,G.D.Weiss
作詞: 李焯雄,吳建豪

你不乖 有時還會作怪
但你不壞 只是不裝可愛
冷下來 氣氛都被破壞
算你厲害 熱帶都變寒帶

*你就是天使 別懷疑
 壞脾氣 只是沒人懂你
 好運氣 能和你一起
 Cos’ I can’t help falling in love with U *

Everytime I look you straight into your eyes
I can’t explain this feeling but it’s blowing up my mind
The touch of your hands, and the touch of your lips
Make the temperature rise, so I know that this is it …

你不乖 有時還會耍賴
但你不壞 其實你很可愛
被打敗 你是破壞天才
拒絕販賣 虛偽做作對白

Repeat *

I just can’t stop it, I just can’t help it
Falling in love with you, no matter what I do
You taking me to heaven with everything you do
So I’m falling in love with you, and baby that’s the truth …

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