Goodbye 歌詞


歌手:容祖兒 Joey
作曲:Shin Dong Gwan
編曲:Robert Seng

*Goodbye 錯得太多 你自作你自受
 說謊 都需要講對手
 Goodbye 你天生不羈 我都有自由
 我走 拜託另覓女友 *

#我說得瀟灑與輕鬆 努力去自控
 我假裝真的看通 Oh no
 有過的愛突然間失了蹤 發現大腦真空 #

 自尊卻不批准我失控 Oh no
 這一分鐘這樣難受 而難道我都不要走 @

%Goodbye 錯得太多 你自作你自受
 放手 不需要等太久
 Goodbye 你天生不羈 我都有自由
 你走 別站著像怪獸 %

Ya seen him creepin’, cheatin’, runnin’ round the bar
But girl don’t shed a tear coz you’re a superstar
You’re better off without, you’re bad by ya self
Go find yourself another
Put that scrub back on the shelf
Smile tonight, you look good, you feel great
Don’t waste your time, ain’t no need to play ya hate
You loved to love him, that was clear, say goodbye
Girl, tonight, your look can fly

Repeat #@%

Hit the dance floor, run a microphone check
As the DJ spins don’t even begin to let
That other get the best of you
From so many others, girl,
Tonight you’ve got to choose
Now lose the loser you gotta choose
A new love for life, you and your crew are
Looking fine tonight
See you caught his eye
Let the scrub go, girl, say goodbye

Repeat @*%*

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