Midnight Express

Midnight Express

歌手:陳柏宇 Jason
作曲:Henry Lai
作詞:Henry Lai

#I, look at the moon i see my crime
 thinking of you i lose my mind
 it’s something that i’m quite sure it’s fine
 Read my mind #

And Time, Thought only time can kill the pain
wash away all my sin remain
god knws how hard i’ve tried in vain
let it rain

*If only someone can find that paradise
 then you and i can live and never die
 if only love can find a place in our mind
 then you and i will never part
 i only know the someday you’ll read my mind
 then you’ll know that i love you *

Repeat #*

The Day is breaking and i can’t see the light
but i will not be frightened
i’ll fight till the end
because of you

Repeat *

you’ve got to believe me that it’s true
then you’ll know that i love you

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