歌手:The Pancakes
作曲:The Pancakes
作詞:The Pancakes
編曲:Chet Lam

Maybe twenty-first’s not the right time
Maybe my expectation’s a little bit high
Or maybe cos I was still drunk since May
Or between us there is nothing to say

To be frank I have forgotten your voice
To be honest I can’t even remember your face
Somehow in my heart you’ve occupied a place
Every now and then you make me fall
You bring me sore

*So by the time you came passing by
 I knew it was all designed
 I knew there’s no place where I could hide
 You know I can’t decide
 You know I can’t deny *

So by the time you gave me your smile
And then you left me behind
Oh Martin you messed it all up
So how you took me up into the sky
Let me fall and let me cry

All along I’d been waiting for your call
After all just a simple lie is nothing at all
But you’ve decided not to call anyway
Cos between us there is really nothing to say

Repeat *

So by the time you came kissing me
You know you’re confusing me
Oh Martin you know it’s all wrong
So how you threw me up into the sky
Shot me down and said goodbye

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