Hidden Strangers

Hidden Strangers

歌手:The Pancakes
作詞:Mike T.
編曲:The Pancakes

I always stray at night
A hundred times a thousand miles

I glazed at the fringe of the sky
How many stars I can’t realise

Shades of the restless night
I’m guessing that my friends have died

I started to put on my boots
A funeral I started to cry

*I don’t know
 Is there anybody hearing me
 I don’t know
 Has he failed to reply

 And I can’t let go
 Another hidden track plays slow
 I got a curse
 A stranger’s knocking on my door *

Phones never ring at night
Once a time once a while

Winding candles dropped on the floor
A homicide a midnight call

Repeat *

Anybody hearing me
A stranger’s knocking on my door

Who’s knocking on my door
A stranger’s knocking on my door

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