Stupid With You

Stupid With You 歌詞

Stupid With You


歌手:鄭欣宜 Joyce

I’m Stupid With You

我喜歡 隨我喜歡 和你從沒對立
從你眼光 忘記化妝 瑕疵也被接納
我固執 容我固執 和你誠實告白
言詞無論太辣 如甜品那樣笑納

*I’m Stupid With You
 容許躺臥你胸 容許我做你的樹熊
 I’m Stupid With You
 容許我為你瘋 能緊抱著你才輕鬆 *

I Love You

我愛哭 陪我痛哭 零壓迫沒拘束
和你笑聲 才最坦率 無需要扮冷酷
兩個杯 和兩隻羹 和你甜蜜一屋
情迷容易中毒 連調侃也是節目

Repeat *

I’m a space case, when I see your face
everything gets erased, this could go on for days
anything for a taste, drool going down my face
can’t remember my name
does it matter? my name?
definitely insane, you’re the reason I came
to this world damn, be my girlfriend
we could suntan build a big tent
what’s the off chance, you don’t got a man
you are my sunshine my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are grey yup
we’ll have a house in the burbs
and I could make you pregnant
and the children they could play in the backyard
on the weekends, you could take my hand
and we could go strolling under stars in the sand
damn I got big plans, if I was your man
what? oh
can I get a tissue of the drool on my chin?

Repeat *

I’m Stupid With You
容許腳步放鬆 容許我犯錯都認同
I’m Stupid With You
容許我任意衝 容許我在你藍天空

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