A Never Ending Sea

A Never Ending Sea 歌詞

A Never Ending Sea

歌手:鄭欣宜 Joyce
作曲:Jonnic Thompsett
作詞:Jeff Li
編曲:Jonnic Thompsett

The light’s growing dim
I’m feeling the walls around me
Slowly closing in
Who can rescue me
When I can barely breathe
There’s only darkness that I see

Now I’ve been trying to hold on
For so long
Oh don’t you worry about me
When I’m gone

Everywhere that I go
In an ocean of faces
I’m still feeling all alone
I can’t pretend
We’ll be together again
When all that you give me is silence

No matter where I may be
I’m still an island
In a never ending sea
Everything’s changed
You’re slowly drifting away
So just give me a moment to say
I love you

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